Tuesday, May 29, 2012

^^mY dailY routine ends here^^

my daily routine at home for 2 months now;)

6.00am - wake up, shower, ใส่ บาตร พระ, prepare to go jogging.
7.00am - after cycle for 1km (home to taman in Tumpat), jog for 6 round (now)^^.
8.15am - go back home, sweep house, clean here and there, wash clothes.
9.00am - relax, movie, breakfast (juice, bread)
12.00pm - lunch (juice,bread..sometimes bihun, kuey teow, or any noodles thing), relax (MOST BORING TIME IF NOTHING TO WATCH =_='')
3.00pm - help granny เก็บ ดอกไม้, cook rice for doggies, sweep house another round (living room).
5.00pm - help mum with all cooking stuff if she's bout to prepare for tomorrow Monk coming.
6.00pm - relax.
9.30pm - go to bed.

this is my routine everyday...i repeat, EVERYDAY....haha kinda boring now...seriously...i don't like it to do 'house wife' things..God..it's killing me...but to think that i've help my mum a lot...i'm kinda HAPPY^^ at least she doesn't have to come back and do all those thing like when i'm not around before right??^^
but now...no i mean tomorrow, i'm going to work!!^^ haha pretty exciting^^ too boring at home...yeah, a lot of things to do but, when it repeats everyday..it's really3 get me boring =_=''

so now i'm going to work^^ helping vet in Kota Bharu....pretty far from home but i've always love driving^^
work start at 8.30am to 6.00pm everyday...i repeat again...EVERYDAY hahah mati la sumy;ppp
(that's mean i have to go by 7am n reach home at 7 everyday =_='')
payment?? rm600 =_='' but ok la...at least i have something to do...i'm going to collect money^^ for my degree...i bet lots of things to buy for new study session...clothes, shoes, bag...bla..bla..bla...haha
gonna have to save money...i don't think i'll get any scholarship this time...huhuww result is so awful;ppp

so, wish me luck!!^^ going to work with all the cats..cats..n cats =_='' well, kelantan...really rare with those petting dogs;ppp haha cats pun cats la^^ got one at home what;pp ciao!!^^

Monday, May 28, 2012

What iS mY FavoUrite ColouR??;0

well, i keep thinking...what is my favourite colour?? like the TRUE one...
n after a while i've been thinking...it must be...errr well it depends on things;p

for example...if it comes to clothes; i like it black, white, brown, blue black, dark green n err..a bit red??;p
and i mean it...if people ask me to wear yellow...and i was like...hahaha 'next time maybe;pp'

n when it comes to car, handphone, or any using/operational stuff...or accessories;
i like it blue (like honda jazz blue tone), black, certainly not white, not brown also, more to blue n black...

n when it comes to wallpaper of house, room; i like it neutral...like light green, light blue, 
certainly not red or pink, 
certainly not light brown also..naaahhh

so that's it...what do u think?? above all...i mention black most right?? n blue?? ok...so perhaps...i like black~ ;pp

i try to be colourful..ahhh! one more colour that i love most and love to make it decors my wall on twitts or blog, if fb can then fb;pp haha pink...colour...this pink! --------------------------------------------->>

^^ i really like this colour....i have ONE t-shirt with this colour n ONE hair band^^ hahah ok la tue;pp

well next...ORANGE! i like it too...if one day to make my life more colourful...i'll go for these colour..red, pink (that i like one), n yes2!! Yellow!! haha i like it a car in yellow...^^ 

TO add...i found this on http://www.fudgegraphics.com/2009/02/whats-your-favourite-colour/
they stated favourite colours in mood, there are THREE moods of colours...


THE COOL  are generally associated with feelings of calmness, stability, harmony, trust and wisdom....
these are the cool colours; ^^

next is THE WARM they are generally associated with feelings of love, energy, enthusiasm, joy and strength....
these are THE WARM colours;

and last group of mood THE NEUTRAL;
they are generally associated with feelings of elegance, sophistication, authority, modernity and reliabilty.
these are THE NEUTRAL colours;

(name in the colours column in the pics are basically the name/ link to the blog of each colours...;pp it's from the blog i post above~ nothing to do with this blog...i just use the pics of the colours...tq^^)

so, colours really tell personality or maybe..personality that tells colours...for me..most of all, MOOD tell my colours best^^ to be sure, i like it neutral on my shirt, i like it cool on my car/hp n i like it warm on certain shirt and certain accessories;ppp

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Love

mother's love...
is warm...
is happiness...
and is a shine through the darkness~

today, when the day seems so dark that i can't find myself a way out...but she gives me a hand...she gives me shine...she gives me lit to go through the day...n not only so...she even walk with me through it...
when i'm so busy to find some one else to guide me through...by not even thinking of her...not even think she will help...but she is the one...she is the one that help me through...i'm an idiot...to think that i can't take her hand...i'm so silly to think that anybody else can help me better than her...and i'm most moron to think that i can go alone without her help...
how much God has shown me lit tonight....how much God has dragged me to the way that i should walk...how much stupidities i've done with my eyes open so wide but my heart is cold n closed tight...Thank God...
now, i can see...not with my eyes..but with my heart...now that i can see it through...now that i will hold her hand and walk through it...now that i know how much a mother's love can be...n now that i know how lucky i am...how lucky i am...i need nothing but her....nothing else~
i have no right to judge someone's love towards me when she has been raising me up for 21 years....
i have no right to doubt it.....what a fool i am for this long...........
but not ANYMORE~
i'll make u proud~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Patient at home^^

xtau nak letak name per...;ppp
first kucing allowed at home...nie pn sebab dia sakit...
got hit by car perhaps, bcuz the day i found her...she's right beside the road...with a bit of blood came out from mouth n can't move her hind legs at all...
i hurry get back n ask permission!! haha my mum is not really please with a cat...
after got permission...hurry back and take her home...
lucky her because i have interview with a vet in Kota Bharu...
so i take her along for diagnosis...
she's fine...just need TLC;pp
now that we've become friends!!^^ even with my mum!! she plays with her!! hhaa
now that she got name.. 'Meow' ;pp hahahah that's most suitable name for now;pp
get well soon Meow!!^^

Monday, May 21, 2012

i'll do my thing in my own way!!!

with God willing....now that i will choose it myself
now that if i got it...i'll go on with my own way
now if YOU let me do it...i'll do my best and give her the best!
now that i have it in mind what i'm going to do...if..i got it!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

no other word describe me better.....than

i say this to myself...daily...ten times a day~
haha now that i don't know what else i can spell out of myself...
seriously...it's so hard to be her daughter....
it's so hard to be the one she desired...
i hope i can be that smart...know everything girl...like u want...i really hope so...
i really3 hope i can be one...so that i won't bother u too much...so u can be proud of your daughter....
God...i hurt so bad~

Friday, May 18, 2012


i found this in 9gag
it said;
- i want Google in my brain
- i want anti-virus in my heart
- i want Photoshop for my face

haha creative isn't it??^^

the anti-virus part is the best...haha if only...
it can scan all the words, all the memory and delete all the hurt one and quarantine all the dangerous one;pp
somehow....human brain can do all that right?? somehow...it is doing it...:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

i'm learning!!

i'm learning!^^
hehe just started...nope actually like 3 weeks ago...but i just got my pick so i start again;pp
really can't fight the feeling on how much i want to play guitar....
from my saving, i bought this^^
let's learn!!!