Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new sem^^

just in da blink of eyes.....

i'm here in LCCT(again), waiting for da flight to bintulu~


can't wait to start new sem!
based on da previous rslt.....
i hv to work harder this time!!!
just a bit more to get what i want!

gives me strenght.....
i seriously want tht score~~~
just a bit more to go but seems like lots of work needed for it~~
sometimes...feel like lots of things to focud on...
and i just lost da point!!
lost the track~~

Thursday, June 03, 2010

~My Holz~

just in a blink of eye....da holiday has come to its end....
what hv i done through out this holz??

A LOT!!!!

first of all, i have to say tht i am really..really change....personally....


(b4 holz)

-wake up late daily....=_=
-stay up late at night(movie!!^^)
-lazy person!(espclly da house works)
-some kind of selfish

(during holz)

-of cos i wake up early,evrydy!!!!at 7.30am(early 4 me....)
-go to bed REALLY early!(9.30pm)...its just really impossible for me!
-i'm doing all da house works excpt cooking( ;P)...
-done lots of sacrifice!
-but still pending in some ways (hehe totally can't help much on this...;P)

lots of changes huh?

haha this is all 'bout my responsibility towards my granny....
she's getting ill recently(high blood pressure)


she's here with my mum n i....(we used to stay apart)
n da prblm comes when my mum has to go for her work
n the rest?
i have to take care of evry single things 'bout granny when my mum's left...
-safety when she wants to do anything...(for ur info she's some kind of hrdwrking n cn't stay still....=_=)


my doggy!he's sick...in very....=_=
i hv to give him lots of medicines n clean up his mouth,nose n genital area which get affected....
once a month,he has to be injected for his antibiotic too....hohohoho....vet already^^

to tell u da truth i'm totally sick n stress with these!
i hv to sacrifce my time frm enjoying movies,hanging out with frens n so much things for granny n Muffin(hv i mentioned his name?hehe)
but now something inside me feels really proud n love to be a new person.....
i learn to sacrifice da joy of myself n taking care of others....
i'm a single daughter...so this is my 1st time to take care others!haha
hope i can keep up n be this new sumy who totally hrdwrking(i think) ever hehe