Sunday, August 24, 2014

tomorrow officially year 2^^

people of my age might been thinking bout their year 2 of med school as a blurry memories because it's ended longggggggg ago...but for me, tomorrow it is!
'the sadness of getting in such a late train' i can't deny it's surfacing my throat every day....
but yeah, i chose it, and i'm sticking with it...bitter or sweet, i shall finish my journey...
well! i'm forever 18!!^^ (=____+)


ok, let's just pin that on the wall and not gonna keep looking at it?
to throw it into the bin is to deny the truth, so just pin it there la ok?

so, tomorrow is my Sem 3, Year 2 of my epic med school....
haiyoooo damn nervous! >.<''
this new sem, i'll go through Endocrinology and Nervous System....
hmmmmm both kinda fun! and i love them!^^ 
let's not jinx what so ever it is...
i'll just say; i'll do my best!^^

assignment already knocking my door actually....gotta run!

pray for me!

sathuk...God, bless me~

Monday, August 04, 2014

worrying time comes again....

they said happy time will always end faster than the sorrow's...
so, is it true?

my happiness just expired...can i say that?

let's just's getting lessen by the minute i'm trying to wait for it...yeah let's put it up that way
so, am i going to keep waiting for it?

who doesn't....i just won't keep my hope so high...but still, let's just pray hard....